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Welcome Holiday Cottage Owner! You have probably found this site because it is on the top page of a Google search for "Holiday Cottages Bath" or "Bath Holiday Cottages" If you would like your property to be found in the same way, please read on!

Almost all cottages are booked by people using search engines. You may have the most wonderful website but if it does not appear near the top of a search result, nobody will see it.

We do the work to keep Bath Holiday Cottages at the top of the search engines so a single listing on the site will expose your cottage details, and your website if you have one, to thousands of potential customers.

The annual fee is just £99 per listing + VAT. Discounts are available for multiple owners. For this you get a banner ad on either "Cottages in Bath" or "Cottages near Bath" with a link to a full page description of your property. There you will find a link to your own website and an email link direct your own email address. You will also get an annual report on the number of visitors clicking through to your own website. This way you can check that Bath Holiday Cottages is really working for you.

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